Chaotic Emini Market Activity Leaves Traders Guessing

For those who have just traded today’s Emini floor session, let’s hope that you were able to get in and leave at the prices you wanted. With the ATR above 5 points, trading with any kind of success is difficult. Today was the first day traders could react to Friday’s announcement of the SP credit rating dropping to AA. Speculation of how the AA will affect borrowing drove the markets downward. Will this trend continue tomorrow?

If the day session is too volatile, you may be able to count on the night to offer more manageable trading opportunities. Just be sure to trade using a system that can adapt from day to evening Globex sessions, such as the Atlas Line from Day Trade to Win. Day trading coach John Paul illustrates how the Atlas Line can be effectively used to call out prime opportunities for long and short trades with profits ranging on what the market can substantiate. We came across this coupon code for the Atlas Line and other Day Trade to Win products:

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