Day Trade to Win News Indicator for NinjaTrader

John Paul talks about the news indicator at about five minutes in.

If you have a large, multi-monitor setup, one of your screens is likely dedicated to display news updates. Many traders prefer the Bloomberg or Forex Factory Calendars. While these are great sources, they require the trader to manually refresh the web page instead of focusing on a chart.

NinjaTrader users can now rest easy as a news indicator has been released. Day Trade to Win explains how the indicator works on their download page. In addition, watch the video above around 4:30 to see a live demonstration. Note how each announcement is color coded based on severity (ex. – red for high priority).

Identifying news events is important as many retail traders prefer to stay out of market several minutes before to 15 minutes after the announcement. News can result in volatility of unexpected direction. Positive news does not produce bullish price movement. The inverse is also inconsistent. A better way to trade news events is linked to on Day Trade to Win’s videos page.

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