Two Futures Traded at Once – E-Mini and Euro

Watch and learn how to trade price action properly in this 45 minute webinar presentation from Day Trade to Win. The speaker, John Paul, shows how his Atlas Line trading software works with zero configuration across the most popular futures markets. He answers questions and takes requests from room participants. You can see how the Atlas Line is a viable live trading solution with great profit potential – just look at how both Short signals were given prior to the big moves down in the ES and 6E. John has always been an advocate of responsible trading; based on only what real-time conditions can produce. In this instance, he was too busy describing how the software functions to place a live trade. However, he’s released a ton of videos showing great results using a live account while trading with the Atlas Line. By teaching risk management through identifying ideal market conditions, profit and exit strategies, John Paul takes care of his students. This is all discussed after purchase during the included live training session.

As a side note, Day Trade to Win recently published a profit statement for the last three months of 2011. From October through December, John made over two points on average every day. This figure does not include additional filtering and trade setups as taught in the eight week Private Mentorship Program.

Trading News Events Using Price Action

Has a news event ever presented itself suddenly as a disadvantage? Ever wondered whether you should stay in for the wild ride and wait until the news event is over? Can you predict if ‘positive’ news has a direct correlation on price and whether the inverse is also true?

In under eight minutes, John Paul from Day Trade to Win has all the answers and provides you with an EXACT method to trade news events. Here’s a spoiler – the method has you waiting until the news event is over. In fact, it’s best to avoid the initial price movement as the event is announced and until the main activity has subsided. As a trader, you have likely seed the sudden retracements. It’s just too damn risky. Waiting until the event is over and using price as a directive is by far the better solution.

Over the last few weeks, Day Trade to Win has released a few of these handy price action methods. These fall short in comparison to what is included and offered in the eight week educational program called Private Mentorship. In this live training course, Day Trade to Win founder John Paul teaches around 11 or so unique ways to trade price. At the end of the training, students are left with a complete blueprint to handle anything currencies and futures can throw at them, along with risk and trade management techniques. To find out more or sign up for the next group training program, visit the official site.

Proven Method for E-Mini Trading

On occasion, we’re asked to provide educational videos for traders who are not yet ready to make the leap to purchase a recommended day trading system. Free trading videos that describe an exact trading method can be extremely helpful for beginners. In the video below, John Paul from Day Trade to Win describes an a powerful, yet elementary (pardon the pun) price action method called the ABC Pattern.

By splitting the day into three separate units based on time, the ABC Pattern allows traders to recognize trend patterns. These patterns help predict the direction of price for the current and proceeding section. When price breaks the range of the previous segment, we are provided with a new direction. As mentioned in the video, the beginning (A) part of the day (9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.) is the best for trading because of big player stakes. Most of the time, the following part of the day (B) is usually slow unless it’s one of those rare days where a trend takes hold of the market. Part C can be very interesting as demonstrated by manipulation and placement for the following day. Be prepared for the sell-offs or rallies before the bell rings. Again, watch for the previous segment’s range to break before entering.

Yes, this works for other futures, currencies and commodities.

See how there are no indicators used? The rules are entirely objective. This is exactly how Day Trade to Win’s instruction is based. Of course, the other methods go into much more detail and vary widely in approach (from scalping to recognizing candle pattern setups). Right now, Day Trade to Win is accepting students at reduced admission for its 2012 Mentorship Program (that begins Jan. 5, 2012). You can register for day trading education at any time this month to receive 2011 prices.

At the Open Course Put to the Test

If you took the top ten E-Mini day trading systems and truthfully ran them through a profitably test for five consecutive days, chances are you would not find one that produced a net profit each day. Over the course of a week, you’d likely have a couple systems that delivered a net profit (once again, this is a weekly estimate). Days with huge losses can turn an account upset down. This is why a system that shows how to properly manage trades and reduce risk through stop losses is essential. Day Trade to Win’s ATO (At the Open) course does exactly this – the profit targets are respectable. Also, traders using this price action method won’t be subject to over-trading, as the objective is capitalizing on the E-Mini’s first big move of the day.

The ATO course is less than $600. As you can see from the video that shows five days of profit, the course can quickly pay for itself even with trading one contract. As ATO creator John Paul says, the ATO also works with currencies “that move.” The Euro is an excellent market for the ATO because of its worldwide popularity.

Right now, Day Trade to Win is offering $60 off its ATO course using the coupon code ATONEWS at checkout. The live training session is usually scheduled within a week of purchase. You can see how the ATO was plotted for the current day and last few days while asking questions.

Immediately Simplify Your E-Mini Trading

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When the E-Mini opens around 9:30 a.m. U.S. Eastern time, many retail traders are eagerly hovering over mouse buttons, ready to wage hundreds if not thousands of dollars based purely on gut instinct. With the promise of “today is a new today,” these traders will eventually see failure in the long term, despite a couple days of random chance success. Making money in the long term, and we’re talking about months there, can only be achieved through an exact method of trading; one that is objective, easy and without emotion. Probably the best example of such a system in Day Trade to Win’s Atlas Line, as shown in the video above. Since the algorithm is entirely based on price action, the software is always relevant to the market being traded without requiring further optimization. The software provides accurate long or short entry signals prior to big price moves, improving order placement. Profit targets, stop strategies, and taking further specialty trades (Bounce, Strength and Pullback) are discussed in the included live training session with John Paul. Additionally, customers receive a video recording to refer back to, if needed. The Atlas Line is available for the latest incarnations of NinjaTrader, eSignal and TradeStation.