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Best Markets for Trading for Beginners

Day trading in multiple online markets is relatively similar in this day and age because of software platforms like NinjaTrader and TradeStation. Conducting actual trades using these programs is a nearly identical experience for Crude Oil, the E-Mini S&P, and all other currencies and commodities. However, the behind-the-scenes market manipulation, and Wall Street-esque market behavior differs by quite a large margin amongst the markets.

For inexperienced day traders or those looking to start trading, I recommend reading this E-Mini S&P Article from Day Trading Expert John Paul. Although the article targets full-time day traders, he outlines why the E-Mini S&P is the perfect market to get into for beginners:

Lastly, the advent of the Internet and online software for traders allowed me to automate my methodology, so my numbers of the buy and sell, appear in front of me daily without my effort. Naturally, due to the morning volatility in the market, I am typically done by lunch time. Please take a look at my video: https://www.daytradetowin.com/videos.php

Watch the E-Mini S&P being traded live along with other markets here: