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At the Open Course Put to the Test

If you took the top ten E-Mini day trading systems and truthfully ran them through a profitably test for five consecutive days, chances are you would not find one that produced a net profit each day. Over the course of a week, you’d likely have a couple systems that delivered a net profit (once again, this is a weekly estimate). Days with huge losses can turn an account upset down. This is why a system that shows how to properly manage trades and reduce risk through stop losses is essential. Day Trade to Win’s ATO (At the Open) course does exactly this – the profit targets are respectable. Also, traders using this price action method won’t be subject to over-trading, as the objective is capitalizing on the E-Mini’s first big move of the day.

The ATO course is less than $600. As you can see from the video that shows five days of profit, the course can quickly pay for itself even with trading one contract. As ATO creator John Paul says, the ATO also works with currencies “that move.” The Euro is an excellent market for the ATO because of its worldwide popularity.

Right now, Day Trade to Win is offering $60 off its ATO course using the coupon code ATONEWS at checkout. The live training session is usually scheduled within a week of purchase. You can see how the ATO was plotted for the current day and last few days while asking questions.

At The Open Course Final Week to Purchase

Day Trade To Win will end sales of the ATO (At The Open) Course on July 31, 2010 due to keeping the prized method exclusive among practitioners.

John Paul shows us how to grab 2 – 4 E-Mini points every day using the free signal software included with the ATO course.

As NinjaTrader says – ORDER FILLED!

On this day of trading, it was possible to win four points only John was trading another market earlier in the day. The ATO is a must-have for price action traders. Don’t miss your chance to learn this day trading technique before it’s too late!