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How to Trade E-Mini, Euro, Crude Oil, FDAX, BP

The video was recorded February 24, 2011.

One thing about John Paul from Day Trade To Win is that he never holds back when conducting a webinar. He’ll gladly show any participant, upon request, a chart of their choice. In the video above, he shows traders how well the Atlas Line performs when trading the Emini S&P, Euro Currency, Crude Oil (CL), FDAX and British Pound.Here’s a summary:

The new Windows 7 SP1 upgrade affects NinjaTrader users – so visit the NinjaTrader forum for tips on how to get up and running (with NT beta 3).

The Atlas Line is entirely configurable – you can change the colors of the order signals and the line itself. Look and see how accurate the short and long order signals were (often produced within an hour of each other). A great thing about the Atlas Line is that it can be used for scalping, filtering, and produces multiple instances for profit every day.

3 Ways to Profit on the E-Mini During News Events

1. First, consider the news event’s importance and see how it affects the mood of those it affects. If the news is positive, don’t assume that price will rise. If the news is negative, don’t assume that the price will fall.

2. Use price action as your indicator of when to enter. The best price action indicator is the Atlas Line from DayTradeToWin.com. Don’t rely on price always rising during a rally – there are still subtle drops that will cause loss.

3. Once you’re in a trade, find the best time to get out using the Average True Range (ATR) as provided by NinjaTrader. See how to use this handy tool in the video below, as demonstrated by John Paul.

Two Price Action Scalping Videos

It looks like the trade scalping course by The Trade Scalper is once again accepting students. There’s a free webinar offered on Thurs., November 11 from 7 pm EST – 8 pm EST. Here’s a taste of what you can expect from the webinar and the complete course:


Scalp trading can be used with any market; you can forget about the underlying forces and focus on in-the-moment price action. Knowing where to place your stops and profits is key. These rules are taught in the complete course, however, you can still pick up a few tips and ask questions beyond the scope of the above two videos by attending the free webinar. Next time you’re trading, think about how beneficial it would be if you knew how to quickly enter and exit instead of waiting minute after minute for price to reach your goal…