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Four Markets, Five Winning Trades – ES, 6E, CL and TF

John Paul uploaded a live recording captured today as he traded the E-mini, Euro Crude Light and Russell markets live for all attendees. Each trade and order signal generated by the Atlas Line is verifiable, providing your trading software and access supports historical data. John seems to be a big fan of NinjaTrader and likes to keep his charts clean by trading using a treasure chest full of price action strategies along with the blue profit line (aka Atlas Line). The Atlas Line produces order signals before the big market moves happen. Yesterday was a perfect example of this on the E-Mini. If you check the Emini’s performance on June 1, 2011, you can see how price falls steadily through the day, shortly after market open. If you go to the Day Trade to Win Blog, you’ll see an Emini chart that shows how the Atlas Line said “go short” right before the fall. We can usually expect this same consistency in market behavior for a day or two following such substantial activity.

Want to see four markets traded?

This video contains a few trade setups that benefit traders of any market. Also, there’s a 10% off coupon code for the Atlas Line. The Atlas Line is available as a 6-Month or Lifetime license. Also, it’s available for eSignal and TradeStation and NinjaTrader.

Forex, Futures and Currencies – Trading System for All 3

We’ve found a day trading course that teaches how to trade the three most popular market types: Forex, Futures and Currencies. It’s called Power Price Action, and the method itself focuses on evaluating price to figure out when to enter the markets. Containing four DVDs and eight weeks of live training, there’s nothing else like it out there. Making trades based on evidence is much better than trust in an outdated formula, psychics or any other subjective strategy. If the setup occurs, its traded, black and white. John Paul, the course author, gave away quite a bit about the course, including a discount coupon code for webinar attendees last week:

This course makes it extremely easy to learn day trading. If the Emini isn’t working out in your favor, you can apply the same strategy to a market that’s moving like the Euro, Canadian Dollar or Swiss Franc. It’s definitely worth the money considering the live training and versatility of the product.