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Proven Method for E-Mini Trading

On occasion, we’re asked to provide educational videos for traders who are not yet ready to make the leap to purchase a recommended day trading system. Free trading videos that describe an exact trading method can be extremely helpful for beginners. In the video below, John Paul from Day Trade to Win describes an a powerful, yet elementary (pardon the pun) price action method called the ABC Pattern.

By splitting the day into three separate units based on time, the ABC Pattern allows traders to recognize trend patterns. These patterns help predict the direction of price for the current and proceeding section. When price breaks the range of the previous segment, we are provided with a new direction. As mentioned in the video, the beginning (A) part of the day (9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.) is the best for trading because of big player stakes. Most of the time, the following part of the day (B) is usually slow unless it’s one of those rare days where a trend takes hold of the market. Part C can be very interesting as demonstrated by manipulation and placement for the following day. Be prepared for the sell-offs or rallies before the bell rings. Again, watch for the previous segment’s range to break before entering.

Yes, this works for other futures, currencies and commodities.

See how there are no indicators used? The rules are entirely objective. This is exactly how Day Trade to Win’s instruction is based. Of course, the other methods go into much more detail and vary widely in approach (from scalping to recognizing candle pattern setups). Right now, Day Trade to Win is accepting students at reduced admission for its 2012 Mentorship Program (that begins Jan. 5, 2012). You can register for day trading education at any time this month to receive 2011 prices.

ES Trading – Let the Market Prove Direction

Recent weeks have been excellent for trading the E-mini with the average true range (ATR) value hovering between the two to four point area. Using NinjaTrader, John Paul from Day Trade to Win demonstrates the ease and effectiveness of ES trading using the Atlas Line indicator software. With advanced signals for going long or short, the Atlas Line confirms direction while serving as a powerful filtering tool. It’s perfectly useable as a standalone method or in combination with Day Trade to Win’s other price action techniques. There are two license options available: a six month and a lifetime. Both include lifetime support and a free, live instructional webinar with Atlas Line creator John Paul. You can learn how to use the order signals and learn to identify Atlas Line Strength Trades, PullBack trades, bounces and other techniques. Remember, even if you trade markets like the YM, CL, TF or 6E, the Atlas Line can be just as effective. Be sure to ask JP to go over specifics upon purchase.

Chaotic Emini Market Activity Leaves Traders Guessing

For those who have just traded today’s Emini floor session, let’s hope that you were able to get in and leave at the prices you wanted. With the ATR above 5 points, trading with any kind of success is difficult. Today was the first day traders could react to Friday’s announcement of the SP credit rating dropping to AA. Speculation of how the AA will affect borrowing drove the markets downward. Will this trend continue tomorrow?

If the day session is too volatile, you may be able to count on the night to offer more manageable trading opportunities. Just be sure to trade using a system that can adapt from day to evening Globex sessions, such as the Atlas Line from Day Trade to Win. Day trading coach John Paul illustrates how the Atlas Line can be effectively used to call out prime opportunities for long and short trades with profits ranging on what the market can substantiate. We came across this coupon code for the Atlas Line and other Day Trade to Win products:

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