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One System for Trading Gold, Crude and Russell

Let’s face it. Sometimes markets are dead – they hardly move and are untradable. In these situations, we have to switch to an instrument with greater volatility. In most cases, you can find liquidity in the CL, TF or GC futures. Trading is certainly an investment. You want to be as accurate as possible with each trade; filtering the chop and entering when a clear direction will soon be provided. Believe it or not, there is a system that works across futures, currencies and commodities. It’s not like other indicators that need constant adjustments. It also works with NinjaTrader, eSignal and TradeStation. More on this later…

Every now and then, I attend one of the price action webinars at Day Trade to Win to see how well their methods perform live. About once a week, John Paul will open his room to the public, inviting questions and showing his live charts. He also posts the recordings afterwards (see the video above). In the video, he uses one indicator (the Atlas Line) across the CL, TF and GC. Entries are provided automatically, either long or short. More often than not, price seems to magically comply with the order. Atlas Line traders know when to enter, the direction and when to exit (both at profit and when the trade goes against them). Having a complete strategy is the responsible way to trade. The Atlas Line seems to be the real deal, as I’ve heard from its users, seen the results and agree with the idea that price should prove how we trade.

Trading News Events Using Price Action

Has a news event ever presented itself suddenly as a disadvantage? Ever wondered whether you should stay in for the wild ride and wait until the news event is over? Can you predict if ‘positive’ news has a direct correlation on price and whether the inverse is also true?

In under eight minutes, John Paul from Day Trade to Win has all the answers and provides you with an EXACT method to trade news events. Here’s a spoiler – the method has you waiting until the news event is over. In fact, it’s best to avoid the initial price movement as the event is announced and until the main activity has subsided. As a trader, you have likely seed the sudden retracements. It’s just too damn risky. Waiting until the event is over and using price as a directive is by far the better solution.

Over the last few weeks, Day Trade to Win has released a few of these handy price action methods. These fall short in comparison to what is included and offered in the eight week educational program called Private Mentorship. In this live training course, Day Trade to Win founder John Paul teaches around 11 or so unique ways to trade price. At the end of the training, students are left with a complete blueprint to handle anything currencies and futures can throw at them, along with risk and trade management techniques. To find out more or sign up for the next group training program, visit the official site.