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Day Trading the Euro Currency with Amazing Results!

How do you determine if a day trading method is good or not? Consistency in all market conditions.

Watch the video below of an amazing Live demonstration of the Atlas Line clearly indicating trades. John Paul follows the Atlas Line’s lead and comes out a winner again

You can see how the Atlas Line indicates to go Short and Long and how it pays off to have the right day-trading tools. Using only price action and the Atlas Line,this resulted in a nice 1 point winner.

Trade 1 – Short – win for 5-6 ticks
Trade 2 – Short – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 3 – Long – loss for 6-7 ticks
Trade 4 – Short – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 5 – Long – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 6 – Long – win for 4-5 ticks

This gives us a daily potential of 32 ticks if you traded using the Atlas Line.

The Atlas Line doesn’t readjust or recalculate itself. It starts plotting the same time every morning and continues in its path for the rest of the day calling out the trades you should be taking.

The ATR gives us a clear volatility indication for us to know when to get out. All in all, the combination of the Atlas Line and ATR leave little doubt for a day trader, allowing him to get in and out with profits and ease. Simplify your trading, gain confidence and make the right trading decisions with the right tools.

E-Mini & Euro Currency Atlas Line Video

The Atlas Line called a few bounce trades perfectly; making some money to complete the workday before noon.   In the video, look how the Euro price took off after it crossed the Atlas Line.  In both the E-Mini and the Euro, there was no reason to go long because of price in relation to the Atlas Line plus the signals given.

This video was recorded May 27, 2010 (just yesterday) and shows how you can earn a daily profit using the Atlas Line, At The Open Method, and X5 trading methods.  John Paul from DayTradeToWin will be hosting a seminar on June 26, 2010 in Fort Lauderdale where he’ll explain, in person, his trading methods for beginning and advanced day traders.