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Immediately Simplify Your E-Mini Trading

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When the E-Mini opens around 9:30 a.m. U.S. Eastern time, many retail traders are eagerly hovering over mouse buttons, ready to wage hundreds if not thousands of dollars based purely on gut instinct. With the promise of “today is a new today,” these traders will eventually see failure in the long term, despite a couple days of random chance success. Making money in the long term, and we’re talking about months there, can only be achieved through an exact method of trading; one that is objective, easy and without emotion. Probably the best example of such a system in Day Trade to Win’s Atlas Line, as shown in the video above. Since the algorithm is entirely based on price action, the software is always relevant to the market being traded without requiring further optimization. The software provides accurate long or short entry signals prior to big price moves, improving order placement. Profit targets, stop strategies, and taking further specialty trades (Bounce, Strength and Pullback) are discussed in the included live training session with John Paul. Additionally, customers receive a video recording to refer back to, if needed. The Atlas Line is available for the latest incarnations of NinjaTrader, eSignal and TradeStation.

Price Action Trading Systems Reviewed

Sifiso, a self-described trader from South Africa, provides a brief testimonial for Day Trade to Win’s price action trading systems. His experiences are positive, with profitable results for both the Atlas Line and Floor Traders Secrets Manual. For those unfamiliar with the Atlas Line, this software plots a straight (but usually angled) line on your chart to assist with determining whether to trade long or short. The primary source for Atlas Line profits are the order signals, as these exact entries are provided prior to big moves. With the supplies price, direction and confirmation / filtering mechanism the Atlas Line provides, the tool has become coveted among futures and currency traders. The lesser known price action method Sifiso mentions is the Floor Traders Secrets Manual. Also called the X-5 Trade, this method is based on trading the price value of five. John Paul further developed this method based on direct E-Mini market manipulation techniques he learned from floor traders many years ago. In fact, these same CME and NYSE traders use the method today. Unlike other price action trading methods, the X-5 works as a result of direct market movement caused by professional open outcry or cubicle traders.

Right now, Day Trade to Win has a special sale going for the Trade Scalper scalping course along with the Secrets Manual. Both can be purchased from the DTTW site with $60 off using the following coupon code: 60TRADESCALPER

Just like the Atlas Line, the Trade Scalper is an excellent addition to any trader’s skill set, as it’s based on objective principles.

Another Four E-mini Points Using Atlas Line

Indicators don’t work for two reasons: they inherently lag behind real-time market action and they are based on a fixed number, limiting adaptability. The Atlas Line can be called an indicator because it indicates when and how to enter markets. However, the Atlas Line doesn’t used any fixed numbers, nor does it require constant configuration to adjust to markets. That’s why the Atlas Line can easily be traded on the futures and currencies seamlessly. Also, the Atlas Line produce signals (such as Dbl Bar Long / Short, etc.) as they occur – there’s really no delay or rewriting of the rules. Additionally, the angled line tells you to go short of price is below the line and go long conversely.

Additionally, the ATR is used to manually calculate where your profits and stops should be. The exact rules are provided with the training session that’s included with purchase. The Atlas Line comes in two flavors: the six month version for around $599 and the lifetime license for $1800. Traders can make many points each day trading the ATlas Line as their sole system. Other traders prefer to use it to filter other methods such as those taught in the coaching program offered by Day Trade to Win. Speaking of the coaching program, we received word that group lessons (at a far reduced rate) will be starting again in about a week’s time. The Atlas Line is included. Combined with all of the other price action strategies, you can’t go wrong with Day Trade to Win.

Navigating the E-Mini S&P with the Atlas Line

The E-Mini S&P can be a tricky instrument / market to trade. Some days have poor volatility, others are too volatile to trade all together. What is the solution? Would knowing the direction of price in advance help determine whether or not a trader should place an order? The folks at DayTradeToWin.com think so and that’s exactly what they’ve done with the Atlas Line. Simply stated, the Atlas Line is a trading tool that tells trades when and how to take trades BEFORE the market changes direction significantly. Imagine seeing an indicator on the chart letting you know when to go short and when to go long…

See exactly what the Atlas Line is like…

This is part one of nine – a free webinar in which John Paul from DayTradeToWin shows traders how to use the Atlas Line to their advantage. Now the Atlas Line isn’t free, however two coupon codes are currently available to reduce the cost of the sixth month and lifetime licenses. Scroll around the DayTradeToWin Twitter to find them.