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Beat the E-Mini SP At Its Own Game

When day trading, which of the following have you done?

– Pick the bottom of the market where you expect price cannot fall past, yet somehow, it does.
– Place an order and wait over a half hour on-edge hoping that price would return profit to your order.
– Get stopped-out and miss key order placement moments.

The Atlas Line from Day Trade to Win lets you know the direction of price ahead of time, so you can be prepared for the otherwise unexpected twists and turns of the market.

John Paul from DayTradeToWin.com works the Atlas Line on the E-Mini S&P and other markets. He takes requests and answers questions from fellow traders about price action trading and how to use it in conjunction with the Atlas Line. He stresses how important it is to look for a couple of points instead of waiting for the big market moves, focusing on profit consistency instead of luck.

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At The Open Course Final Week to Purchase

Day Trade To Win will end sales of the ATO (At The Open) Course on July 31, 2010 due to keeping the prized method exclusive among practitioners.

John Paul shows us how to grab 2 – 4 E-Mini points every day using the free signal software included with the ATO course.

As NinjaTrader says – ORDER FILLED!

On this day of trading, it was possible to win four points only John was trading another market earlier in the day. The ATO is a must-have for price action traders. Don’t miss your chance to learn this day trading technique before it’s too late!