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Price Action Trading Systems Reviewed

Sifiso, a self-described trader from South Africa, provides a brief testimonial for Day Trade to Win’s price action trading systems. His experiences are positive, with profitable results for both the Atlas Line and Floor Traders Secrets Manual. For those unfamiliar with the Atlas Line, this software plots a straight (but usually angled) line on your chart to assist with determining whether to trade long or short. The primary source for Atlas Line profits are the order signals, as these exact entries are provided prior to big moves. With the supplies price, direction and confirmation / filtering mechanism the Atlas Line provides, the tool has become coveted among futures and currency traders. The lesser known price action method Sifiso mentions is the Floor Traders Secrets Manual. Also called the X-5 Trade, this method is based on trading the price value of five. John Paul further developed this method based on direct E-Mini market manipulation techniques he learned from floor traders many years ago. In fact, these same CME and NYSE traders use the method today. Unlike other price action trading methods, the X-5 works as a result of direct market movement caused by professional open outcry or cubicle traders.

Right now, Day Trade to Win has a special sale going for the Trade Scalper scalping course along with the Secrets Manual. Both can be purchased from the DTTW site with $60 off using the following coupon code: 60TRADESCALPER

Just like the Atlas Line, the Trade Scalper is an excellent addition to any trader’s skill set, as it’s based on objective principles.

Futures Day Trading Success – A Rare Example?

Around the year 2009, there was a national study completed regarding day trading success. The study, commissioned by the North American Securities Administrators Association, found that 70% of traders lose money whereas 12% have the potential to actually make money. We can assume the other 18% makes money on a regular basis. Although the article that supplies this data refers mostly to trading stocks, surely similar statistics apply to futures trading where positions are held for smaller durations, subjecting traders to more risk at a more frequent pace.

With such worrying statistics, only a privileged few can actually make money, let alone a career out of futures trading. Occasionally, testimonials pop up on the Internet featuring traders who make such claims. Many of these videos have recently come from Day Trade to Win. The most recent video features a woman named Heather who claims to have had great success using Day Trade to Win’s price action methods. Her claims of success are making career of income trading a likely possibility. She seems like a very honest, sweet lady, so we have to take her word for it. Watch the video above and see what you think!