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Short Trade Across Multiple Markets

If you’ve ever worked with multiple charts of different futures, commodities and currencies, you will see some mirroring of price. In other words, candlesticks will occasionally look similar across the ES, CL and 6E charts if a major news or financial event is occurring. This is true mostly for trends, as we cannot claim every bar is identical. A perfect example of this is shown above. The Atlas Line trading software is accurate in identifying trends before they occur. In the video, John Paul from Day Trade to Win shows the ES, CL and 6E and how the Atlas Line called for going Short prior to price dropping by a few points in each market. Keep in mind, you should be referencing the Atlas Line specifically for the instrument you are trading. We’ve heard of Forex traders who watch the 6E since the price action is nearly identical (only advantage is having a secondary reference / data feed / charting software that may offer different features from what you’re using to trade forex. Another interesting feature with this new version of the Atlas Line is the pullback and strength trades. Plotted on the chart as an S or a P, you can use these symbols for subsequent trades after the initial Long or Short. The Atlas Line is really the perfect system for handling multiple markets on the fly, as there is very little configuration (if any). NinjaTrader makes it easy to save indicator parameters, so if the ES is slowing down, you can open a CL with your custom parameters instantly.

Atlas Line – found out more

News Events, Choppy Markets and Predictions

We’ve received a ton of email from traders who want to learn techniques that work across all futures and currencies. Your prayers have been answered. The video above shows three day trading strategies you can use regardless of your charting platform (NinjaTrader, eSignal, TradeStation, MetaStock,etc.).

First, John Paul of Day Trade to Win shows how to trade news events. Contrary to the popular approach, his method does not involve predicting the move of price when the news event is first announced. Instead, he outlines rules to recognize the trade. If the setup occurs, you can then enter the trade according to additional rules. This is a great example of an objective, evidence-based method.

Second, a method for recognizing choppy market conditions is taught. By recognizing the back and forth movement caused by inverse buy and sell orders, you can learn to stay out of potentially damaging market conditions. This is called the “Yo Yo Method.”

The last portion of the video discusses John’s projections for 2012 and 2015. He expects the price of indices to rise by the end of the year as compared to January’s opening price. He also estimates 2015 to be bullish according to a pattern that is said to be 100% accurate for years ending with a five digit. You’ll have to watch to hear his explanation/.

Day Trading System That Works

In the video above, Day Trade to Win shows off Atlas Line results for the last three days of the E-Mini S&P. The profits are as follows: +9 points, +4 points and +4 points, totaling 15 points possible for three consecutive days. You can see how in very short time with consistent accuracy, the Atlas Line pays for itself.

Many confuse the Atlas Line as a scalping tool, when in fact, the software is an automatic order signal generator combined with filtering. If you prefer to trade your own strategy or other indicators, you can use the Atlas Line to confirm direction. When price intersects and drop below the plotted line, short trades are advised. On the contrary, long trades work best when price is above the line. The order signals, that either appear as Long or Short with an accompanying price, indicate the exact price your should enter at and whether to buy or sell the market. It really couldn’t be any easier to make money day trading. John Paul, the creator of the software, conducts webinars for customers so they can see how to take each trade and learn the other Atlas Line-specific trade setups (Bounce, Strong and Pullback).

The Atlas Line is compatible with the latest versions of NinjaTrader, TradeStation and eSignal. In addition, it’s commonly used for the ES, 6E, 6C, 6A and other currencies.

ES Trading – Let the Market Prove Direction

Recent weeks have been excellent for trading the E-mini with the average true range (ATR) value hovering between the two to four point area. Using NinjaTrader, John Paul from Day Trade to Win demonstrates the ease and effectiveness of ES trading using the Atlas Line indicator software. With advanced signals for going long or short, the Atlas Line confirms direction while serving as a powerful filtering tool. It’s perfectly useable as a standalone method or in combination with Day Trade to Win’s other price action techniques. There are two license options available: a six month and a lifetime. Both include lifetime support and a free, live instructional webinar with Atlas Line creator John Paul. You can learn how to use the order signals and learn to identify Atlas Line Strength Trades, PullBack trades, bounces and other techniques. Remember, even if you trade markets like the YM, CL, TF or 6E, the Atlas Line can be just as effective. Be sure to ask JP to go over specifics upon purchase.