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Atlas Line Trades On Days No Other Systems Can

Making profits on a daily basis, no matter the unexpected twists and turns, is something that all day traders attempt. Day Trade to Win acknowledges that not all days are cut out for trading. However, more than any other day trading educator, Day Trade to Win consistently pulls profitable trades where oscillator systems and indicators fail. The video above is a perfect example. Notice how the Atlas Line only reacts with a Dbl Bar Short signal by figuring out that price will likely fall hard within the next half hour. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happens with a large red candle starting off the downward slope for the rest of the day. Price only started to make a recovery near market close – exactly during intersection of the Atlas Line. You can see how the Atlas Line can be a great assett to any trading style. That’s because it’s based on price action. This allows it to work with zero configuration on other markets besides the E-mini. Day trading coach John Paul demonstrates how to use the Atlas Line and its special trades in the free training that’s included with purchase. Also, such training is included with the group coaching program, which will start a new session August 29.

At The Open Course Final Week to Purchase

Day Trade To Win will end sales of the ATO (At The Open) Course on July 31, 2010 due to keeping the prized method exclusive among practitioners.

John Paul shows us how to grab 2 – 4 E-Mini points every day using the free signal software included with the ATO course.

As NinjaTrader says – ORDER FILLED!

On this day of trading, it was possible to win four points only John was trading another market earlier in the day. The ATO is a must-have for price action traders. Don’t miss your chance to learn this day trading technique before it’s too late!