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How to Trade E-Mini, Euro, Crude Oil, FDAX, BP

The video was recorded February 24, 2011.

One thing about John Paul from Day Trade To Win is that he never holds back when conducting a webinar. He’ll gladly show any participant, upon request, a chart of their choice. In the video above, he shows traders how well the Atlas Line performs when trading the Emini S&P, Euro Currency, Crude Oil (CL), FDAX and British Pound.Here’s a summary:

The new Windows 7 SP1 upgrade affects NinjaTrader users – so visit the NinjaTrader forum for tips on how to get up and running (with NT beta 3).

The Atlas Line is entirely configurable – you can change the colors of the order signals and the line itself. Look and see how accurate the short and long order signals were (often produced within an hour of each other). A great thing about the Atlas Line is that it can be used for scalping, filtering, and produces multiple instances for profit every day.

Following Price Action on the E-Mini S&P

Price is going up, are you going to sell?
Price is still moving higher – are you still thinking of selling?
Price has moved even higher. At this point, you are probably not following price. Instead, you are thinking of where the ceiling is…


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How often do you find yourself tied into this emotional struggle of loss versus the unpredictability of price? Using a tool such as the Atlas Line makes sense as it will tell you when and how to place trades. Most traders put a maximum limit of where they think price will climb or drop. There are so many factors influencing the market, it’s impossible to know where the limits are. Arm yourself with a plan and the right tools – find more about the DayTradeToWin educational programs, including a single lesson of the Mentorship Program, at eminieducation.com.