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Two Futures Traded at Once – E-Mini and Euro

Watch and learn how to trade price action properly in this 45 minute webinar presentation from Day Trade to Win. The speaker, John Paul, shows how his Atlas Line trading software works with zero configuration across the most popular futures markets. He answers questions and takes requests from room participants. You can see how the Atlas Line is a viable live trading solution with great profit potential – just look at how both Short signals were given prior to the big moves down in the ES and 6E. John has always been an advocate of responsible trading; based on only what real-time conditions can produce. In this instance, he was too busy describing how the software functions to place a live trade. However, he’s released a ton of videos showing great results using a live account while trading with the Atlas Line. By teaching risk management through identifying ideal market conditions, profit and exit strategies, John Paul takes care of his students. This is all discussed after purchase during the included live training session.

As a side note, Day Trade to Win recently published a profit statement for the last three months of 2011. From October through December, John made over two points on average every day. This figure does not include additional filtering and trade setups as taught in the eight week Private Mentorship Program.

At the Open Course Put to the Test

If you took the top ten E-Mini day trading systems and truthfully ran them through a profitably test for five consecutive days, chances are you would not find one that produced a net profit each day. Over the course of a week, you’d likely have a couple systems that delivered a net profit (once again, this is a weekly estimate). Days with huge losses can turn an account upset down. This is why a system that shows how to properly manage trades and reduce risk through stop losses is essential. Day Trade to Win’s ATO (At the Open) course does exactly this – the profit targets are respectable. Also, traders using this price action method won’t be subject to over-trading, as the objective is capitalizing on the E-Mini’s first big move of the day.

The ATO course is less than $600. As you can see from the video that shows five days of profit, the course can quickly pay for itself even with trading one contract. As ATO creator John Paul says, the ATO also works with currencies “that move.” The Euro is an excellent market for the ATO because of its worldwide popularity.

Right now, Day Trade to Win is offering $60 off its ATO course using the coupon code ATONEWS at checkout. The live training session is usually scheduled within a week of purchase. You can see how the ATO was plotted for the current day and last few days while asking questions.

Chaotic Emini Market Activity Leaves Traders Guessing

For those who have just traded today’s Emini floor session, let’s hope that you were able to get in and leave at the prices you wanted. With the ATR above 5 points, trading with any kind of success is difficult. Today was the first day traders could react to Friday’s announcement of the SP credit rating dropping to AA. Speculation of how the AA will affect borrowing drove the markets downward. Will this trend continue tomorrow?

If the day session is too volatile, you may be able to count on the night to offer more manageable trading opportunities. Just be sure to trade using a system that can adapt from day to evening Globex sessions, such as the Atlas Line from Day Trade to Win. Day trading coach John Paul illustrates how the Atlas Line can be effectively used to call out prime opportunities for long and short trades with profits ranging on what the market can substantiate. We came across this coupon code for the Atlas Line and other Day Trade to Win products:

10% Off All Day Trade to Win Products = POWER10OFF

Winning 2 to 4 Points on the E-Mini S&P Daily

Some say that consistently winning two to four points on the E-Mini S&P is marketing hype produced by day trading organizations in order to sell false dreams. This is in fact reality and can be accomplished MOST of the time, providing the trader has the right mental outlook, methods and tools at hand.

Here’s a demonstration of proper trading for two to four points:

DayTradeToWin.com traders focus on indicator-free trading (only price action)

Keep in mind, that earning over two points while trading a single contract is equivalent to a reasonable day’s pay. Sure, traders will have days where they will lose money, but most of the time, breaking even or making it up the following day (or even in another market) is very possible. If you’re interested in making a little money on the side, look into the E-Mini S&P At The Open Course from DayTradeToWin.com. It’s a great investment considering the potential of the material when applied to the live E-Mini S&P market. Soon, the ATO couse will not be available (as of July 31, 2010) due to reaching a quota of educated traders – so now is the time to act!