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Atlas Line Outperforms Other Emini Trading Systems

The Emini market opened with the Atlas Line producing a short order. Sure enough, the market headed straight down. The short signal was generated due to two consecutive closing red candles below the Atlas Line, in case you were wondering how the signals were generated. Right at this signal, you can see a spike in the ATR (the green line below the chart). When the ATR is around three to four points, this indicates great conditions for trading. Not too much or too little volatility.


If you prefer to trade outside morning U.S. trading hours, the overnight Globex session is also supported by the Atlas Line. Normally, the Atlas Line requires volatility (greater than 1 point of ATR), the Globex session normally can’t produce such activity. These past couple of nights have been different, perhaps due to the recent U.S. economic events. There are no parameters to configure when using the Atlas Line, so you can interchangeably trade these overnight and day sessions without further adjustment. The Atlas Line is a great all-around trading system.

Two Price Action Scalping Videos

It looks like the trade scalping course by The Trade Scalper is once again accepting students. There’s a free webinar offered on Thurs., November 11 from 7 pm EST – 8 pm EST. Here’s a taste of what you can expect from the webinar and the complete course:


Scalp trading can be used with any market; you can forget about the underlying forces and focus on in-the-moment price action. Knowing where to place your stops and profits is key. These rules are taught in the complete course, however, you can still pick up a few tips and ask questions beyond the scope of the above two videos by attending the free webinar. Next time you’re trading, think about how beneficial it would be if you knew how to quickly enter and exit instead of waiting minute after minute for price to reach your goal…