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Learn How to Scalp the Markets

Scalp trading is one of those price action techniques that can be applied to any market. The method involves maximizing profitability in short time frames for quick profit bursts. It’s a preferred method for many traders because it can be used throughout the day – at market open and close. TheTradeScalper.com just closed down a highly successful session of courses in which participants learned these methods in the E-Mini S&P. Using webinar-based live instruction, John Paul (a professional trader from daytradetowin.com) lead his pupils through his exclusive method (which differs from the one taught at DayTradeToWin.com.

See what the course is like:

TheTradeScalper.com course is not always available; a couple times throughout the year, the site is updated to accept students. This keeps the methods exclusive. Really, how effective can a method be that’s based on time and speed if everyone’s trading it? Consider this the next time you come across another trade scalping course that’s available all the time…

Scalp the Markets with TheScalpTrader.com

The Scalp Trader product launch is underway! Registration opens today, June 22, 2010 in the late afternoon. TheScalpTrader.com offers an exclusive scalping method unlike any other out there – you can see how effective it is on a daily basis in the following videos:

See more scalp trading videos here

John Paul will be teaching all course registrants live in a webinar. You can use scalp trading in any market: gold, the e-mini, the euro, the British pound, etc. Scalp trading is for traders who want to use short time frames to earn a couple of points throughout the trading day. Scalp traders know where to place stops and profits automatically.